The KONTRAX team has constructed a new digital planetarium in the Astronomical observatory of town of Yambol

from 30/06/2021

The project is unique for South-eastern Bulgaria and represents an integration of multiple laser projectors, computer machines and specialized software. A technology for three-dimensional spherical cinema is achieved, allowing much bigger resolution and highest standard of the projecting systems. The solution provides for the projection of spherical image with very high definition, thus allowing a detailed visualization of objects. Together with the visualization and for maximum comfort, there is also a six-channel sound system with 3D sound, where the sound follows the objects motions. The final result is one comprehensive perception, as close as possible to the real one.

The planetarium system allows the use of applications, such as:

  • Planetarium and stellarium, demonstrating the stellar bodies and their motion along the celestial sphere;
  • Option for sky monitoring in a certain day and time, as well as place on the earth;
  • Satellite motion around the Earth;
  • Monitoring of remote planets;
  • Virtual walks in space;
  • Visualization of maps with voluminous presentation of terrain and relief, virtual walks in remote galaxies;
  • Many movies specialized for projection on spherical surface.

The solution helps the employees in the planetarium to develop their own programs and productions. Moreover, they are able to organize specific topic training classes, citizen visits, trainings for various directions, such as space, geography, topology, underwater world, etc. It can be used also for projection of commercial and entertainment programs and films. Last, but no least, the project will help for raising the interest of children and adults from all over the country towards Yambol, as a tourist and cultural destination.