The Municipal councils of Veliko Tarnovo and Petrich introduce the electronic meetings

from 29/07/2016

KONTRAX build two new systems for electronic meeting of the Municipal councils of Veliko Turnovo and Petrich municipalities.

The new information system provides local authorities with an easy, an accessible and an integrated approach to communication. It is part of a single and unified approach to the implementation of e-governance in the both municipalities.

Each councilor has specially programmed tablet. The devices are connected through a network to which have an access only the users of the information system. Each user of the system has its own user name and rights of access to work in it. Through web-based application is relieved and accelerate the procedures of making inquiries, examining the items on the agenda, voting, including recorded vote.

The benefits of the system are numerous - time to prepare a session decreases at times, shortening the time for the meeting, created order in the hall. Quickly and effectively displayed and processed results after each meeting, including the quorum. As a result, municipal council works more efficiently and save costs for paper and consumables. Moreover the system for paperless meeting increases transparency in decision-making, and facilitates communication between councilors.