VMware the Game Changer

from 21/10/2020

What were the technological innovation and the new products presented exclusively at the VMworld 2020


VMware is a company, which from the very moment of its incorporation develops technological innovations that support and facilitate the business. Today, more than ever, its products ate the digital basis used for establishing the operations continuity, data protection, flexibility of IT systems. 

During the VMworld 2020 the company announced innovations in its portfolio in regard to: 

  • Data security 
  • Multi-cloud / use of many cloud structures 
  • Applications modernization 
  • Virtual cloud network 
  • Digital working place 
  • 5G solutions for telco operators 

This year’s focus is on several improvements in the field of web and data and applications security irrespective where they “live”. This is a result of the trend more companies to use the flexibility of the hybrid cloud, the remote work of its employees and the increasing volume of data in the periphery (the so-called Edge). Such are: 

VMware Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Platform as the best combination for web security, with main elements VMware SD-WAN, Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and remote browser isolation, NSX Stateful Layer 7 Firewall SaaS, Zero Trust network access, Edge Network Intelligence for the so-called predictive analysis of the web, based on the machine training and ensuring continuous access and security of the remote users and IoT devices. 

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload ensures reliable protection of the operational processes and applications irrespective where they operate – in private, public or hybrid cloud. Closely integrated with vSphere and vCenter, it provides security without the need of agents installing, which significantly reduces the systems load and increases the integration and collaboration with other security solutions. Similar solution for Kubernetes is also planned to be announced in the following months. 

VMware Container Networking with Antrea – solution for the network in container clusters, which will be integrated in VMware NSX-T and vSphere 7 with Tanzu. 

VMware NSX Advanced Threat Prevention, which combines the functionalities of distributed IDS/IPS and analysis of the network traffic based on artificial intelligence. This solution provides an option for protecting the east-west traffic in any environment, of any operational process/ workload. 

VMware has announced also several key improvements for its products, which allow the clients to focus on their business and the applications necessary for its functioning, but not on the hardware environment. 

Worth mentioning here the Project Monterey, being a natural continuation of the efforts of VMware to meet the tendencies of the modern applications.  

This is a new architecture of the VMware Cloud Foundation, which allows the integration of bare metal operating systems and applications using the SmartNIC technology.  

What are the advantages: 

  • Moving the network processing calculations from the processors to SmartNIC – this reduces the processors’ loading and provides resources for other operations 
  • Consistent operations for all applications irrespective of the hardware and the operating system, facilitating the management of the entire infrastructure
  • Model of Zero-trust security through shifting the network security functions to SmartNIC for the protection of the new application 
  • Moving the storage network operations to SmartNIC – aiming again to reduce the processors’ loading and optimization of the storage capacity through compression, encrypting and erasure encoding, without influence on the system efficiency