Work from home challenges and how to meet them

from 23/04/2020


We are living in a world of constant changes and today almost every one of us uses a digital work space.

What is a digital work space?

This is not only the possession of a mobile device and accessories for operation and communication; it is a comprehensive approach to the way the employees access and use the business application they need. The digital work space needs to ensure the possibility for the employees to work trouble-free from any place and any device, securely and without risk for the company data.

Many companies had difficulties when they were challenged to fast equip their employees for work from home, and their actions included purchase of laptops, monitors and accessories for the daily work, as well as installation of tools for remote access to company resources. This approach solves in short term the problem related to business continuity, but in long term it could raise a risk for company data due to the insufficient control of what data and from where the employees have access to. As we know, the biggest breaches of security come from the end devices.

How to solve this problem?

We need a strategy and adaptation of the best practices to the specific business. Some of the most important requirements for success are:

  • Employees, who are motivated and satisfied with the remote work
  • Providing an access to company applications at any time and from any place
  • Modern and reliable control of end devices
  • Management of data security
  • Automation for fast and easy provision of work places
  • And last – reliable support for the end devices for ensuring business continuity


Key factor for good business results under the crisis conditions, are the motivated and creative employees, those, who can see the chances, but not the obstacles, amongst the challenges. Creating a work comfort includes the appropriate class of devices with high level of warranty service, option for work from different devices, access to the corporate application at any time and from any place. This could be a serious challenge before the IT managers and administrators in view of the data security and business/ services continuity.


KONTRAX, together with its partners, Dell Technologies, uses a comprehensive approach for creating a digital work space environment:

  • Business class end devices (laptops, microcomputers and thin clients, monitors, peripherals) for work with option for 24-hour warranty service provided by the certified engineers of KONTRAX, covering spillage and breaking, proactive service and alarms
  • Protection of corporate data through protecting the end devices
  • Reliable access to the corporate application and data through advanced management of end devices – irrespective of the operating system and type of device; possibility for pre-installation in the factory, without additional payment for the service
  • Complete solution for virtual work places – hyperconverged infrastructure, preliminary sized for number and type of virtual work places Dell EMC VxRAIL
  • Complete backup solution, replication, deduplication, restoration and instant access to data, analysis, data restoration in case of accidents and failures


KONTRAX is a leading system integrator in Bulgaria. It offers a wide portfolio of technologies and high expertise in implementation of complex business solutions. Together with its long-term partner, Dell Technologies, the company provides wide range of end user devices, peripherals, IT infrastructure and software.