Municipal Bank (MB)


Delivery, installation and commissioning of a voice communication system.

Period of implementation

2013 - 2014

Current state

The previous voice services organization of the Municipal Bank was based on individual separate PBX telephone systems located in the branch network, on which many and different telephone lines were terminated. Thus all the settings and changes were implemented locally, leading to higher costs for these activities, low traceability and poor technical condition and need of considerable time to perform technical diagnostics and configurations. Calls between branches were paid as local and long distance calls. Deployment and application of new functions common for the bank, as well as communication between employees, was significantly hampered. Part of the outer lines were of the analog type, which led to problems with the connection quality.


Audit and optimization of existing active directory
Migration of the current e-mail system from MS Exchange 2003 to MS Exchange 2010 (diagnostics, planning and design of the new system, drafting a migration plan)
Upgrading of the bank’s network infrastructure (analysis, design, planning and upgrading the bank’s network infrastructure, as well as delivery of telecommunications equipment – Cisco switches).

The activities have been carried out in compliance with the best practices set out in the service management standard ISO 20000-1: 2011 and ITIL, incl. Service Design, Service Transition, Release management.

The deployed solution for voice communications based on equipment from the world’s leading manufacturer in this field AVAYA is a centralized VoIP platform, solving the above problems and providing a high degree of stability, scalability and flexibility. Thus, the entire branch network is united in a common structure, facilitating communication, monitoring and diagnostics of all voice services of the bank and drastically reducing costs for them.

The delivery and installation include:

Main duplicate server, primary and secondary AMG for the bank, backup systems, 63 exchanges for regional offices, 488 IP telephones, planning, delivery, installation and commissioning in 63 offices of the bank. Integration of the solution with the telecommunication system of the bank. Building a backup call center in a remote destination.

The project is implemented through planning, design, installation, deployment, commissioning, training of administrators and users, establishment of integration with existing fixed and mobile systems of the Bank.


Manufacture, delivery and installation of office equipment (desks, tables, cabinets, wardrobes).

Municipal Bank
Municipal Bank

Performance of IT infrastructure optimization, deployment, migration and monitoring activities

DSK Bank
DSK Bank

Deployed and working solution for management and monitoring of printing means in DSK Bank