Toplofikacia Sofia


Toplofikacia Sofia

Period of implementation


Business needs

Toplofikacia Sofia is a company with extensive internal communications that passed through an external mail server provider. Although the mail servers of this provider are stable, the service it offered does not suggest integration with Active Directory and installation of a local Office product. A decision was made to deploy Office 365 which not only allows administrators to synchronize with Active Directory, but it also enables users to enjoy significantly bigger mailbox and install a local Office product.


KONTRAX helped Toplofikacia Sofia to successfully deploy many Office365 cloud services distributed into different plans according to the needs of the specific users, including but not limited to the following:

  • Plan E3 – a plan upgrading Office 365 Business Premium with the following features: highest level protection of the mail service for segmentation of recipients, plus capability for locking documents, additional management services, Business Intelligence in Excel, online conferences for up to 10,000 people, integration with PBXs, additional applications for Office and SharePoint and many others – this is one of the most complete plans of Office365.
  • Office 365 Business Premium – local installation of Office 2013 and Office 2016 for PC and MAC, e-mail, online file storage, integration with Skype, online conferencing, corporate social network, team sites, etc.
  • Project Online with a local installation of Project Pro for Office 365 – project management, schedule monitoring, etc. Opportunity for local installation of a front end application is included.
  • KONTRAX performed the implementation of services to the end-user level and thus successfully completed the process of integration of Office 365.