KONTRAX is representative and authorized partner of one of the leaders in biometrics – 3M.

The mobile multi-biometric identification solutions of 3M enable law enforcement officials to identify individuals quickly and on the spot. The suggested products enable full-scale AFIS in the hands of law enforcement officials, providing them with access to identity verification and a database of persons arrested or on bail.

Mobile handheld devices are available in various models, from ones that only take fingerprints to models that include taking multi-biometric information both of fingerprints and of face and iris. Each product has the necessary certifications including FIPS 201 PIV, Mobile ID FAP and MIL-STD-810F.

3M™ Cogent BlueCheck 2U Mobile portable identification device

Designed to operate with one hand, BlueCheck 2U allows encrypted transfer of take fingerprints to a host device – tablet, laptop, smart phone via Bluetooth.

3M™ MI2 Mobile portable identification device

An ideal solution for military, law enforcement and other agencies in a changing environment, this device allows users to perform on-site taking of fingerprints of persons and other functionalities.

3M™ MI3c Multimodal mobile portable identification device

With a range of user-friendly features, MI3 can be used to quickly and easily take fingerprints with a quality suitable for law enforcement, as well as to take a picture with high resolution for identification. Te applications include disaster management, ID document identification and many others. It has a number of MI3 modules, including: contact / contactless smart card reader, 1D/2D barcode reader, reader for MRZ area of personal documents, 4-in-1 reader and magnetic stripe reader.

3M™ Mobile ID Software application

3M™ Mobile ID application works on smart mobile phones available and is compatible with the following operating systems: BlackBerry® Android or iOS, turning them into your own portable identification device. The Mobile ID software formats taken biometrics in a NIST standard recording and transmits it to the remote AFIS using a wireless network.

3M™ Web ID Application

The 100% web-based flexible architecture of 3M ™ Web ID application allows it to be used together with 3M BlueCheck 2U fingerprint scanner or a USB optical scanner. Web ID allows integration with scanners from other manufacturers using ActiveX controls. Biometric data is transmitted to the remote AFIS system via LAN or WAN network using a secure Web ID page with a standard web browser.