Commscope offers the following SYSTIMAX product lines, all being Exceed – significantly exceeding the technical parameters required by the standard:

SYSTIMAX PowerSUM (Exceeding Category 5e)

UTP components for building Category5E networks. PowerSUM not only covers all specifications for performance of Category 5e networks, but also extends the useful bandwidth to 155.5 MHz. SYSTIMAX PowerSum transmission channel provides transmission with a speed of up to 1.0Gbps.

SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL (Exceeding Category 6)

UTP components for building Category 6 networks. SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED is completed and fully compatible with older versions of the system and covers all requirements specified in the ISO/IEC and TIA standards for Category6/ClassE for operation up to 250MHz, and provides data transmission speed of 1.2Gbps across the transmission channel using protocols 1000Base-T and 1000Base-TX.

SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D(Augmented Cat.6/Class Ea)

Revolutionary technology that guarantees 10Gbps of traffic over copper up to 100m through protocol 10G-BaseT on a bandwidth of 500MHz.
The transmission channel GigaSPEED is composed of the following passive unscreened and screened components:

  • 1091/2091/3091 4-pair UTP cable
  • 1291/2291/3291 4-pair FTP cable
  • 1100GS5, PM-GS5 unscreened patch panels
  • M2000, M3000 and M3200 modular patch panels with RJ45 ports
  • MGS500 (unscreened) and MFP520 (screened) RJ-45 data outlets
  • GS10E (UTP) ? G10FP (FTP) connecting cables (RJ45-RJ45)

SYSTIMAX VisiPatch TM 360° System

A unique system for feeding and arranging installation and connection cables, allowing:

  • High density of ports
  • Compact, ergonomic and elegant design
  • Easy access to connecting cables
  • Simple and convenient labeling system
  • Supports 1Gbps and 10Gbps applications

Systimax optical product lines include a wide range of fiber optic cables for intrabuilding and external installation, LC, SC and ST II + connectors, optical patch panels and sockets, connecting optical cables:


Multimode optical components (62.5/125µm) for the construction of networks providing speed of up to 1Gbps (up to 300m) through a protocol 1000BaseSX, 1Gbps (up to 600m) through a protocol 1000BaseLX, 10Gbps (up to 300m) using CWDM 1300nm laser. Losses in an optic channel are 50% lower than those specified in the standards.


Next-generation multimode optical components (50/125µm) for network construction, allowing data transmission of 10Gbps (up to 550m) and 1Gbps (up to 1100m).


Next-generation single-mode optical components (8.3/125µm) for network construction, providing speeds of 100Gbps, and for a distance of up to 10,000m – 10Gbps traffic by protocol 10Gbase-L.

SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions (iPatch) 

Cable systems intelligent management system (monitoring, management and recording of events in real time on the LAN or through WEB).