Variable message signs

Many road accidents happen because drivers fail to react in time to emerging situations and to avoid an accident. There are many technological solutions that increase the reaction time of drivers, one of which is variable message signs.

Variable message signs are electronic road signs which allow information transmission – by an operator or automatically – to road users for specific events. Such signs may warn of traffic jams, accidents, roadway works, change of traffic in different lanes or speed limits on certain stretches of the road.

The variable message signs offered by us can be adapted to a wide range of user requirements. They can be mounted on portal frames or individually. They can be integrated in sign trestles or installed separately, to be used as a stand-alone solution for displaying speed limits or warnings in case of dangerous sections of a motorway. The client can also choose a set of symbols best suited for the project.

  • The used controller can manage up to 8 LED boards
  • LED panels with voltage of 25 V to 42 V, a current of 1.5 mA to 40 mA
  • One controller works with up to 4 signs (e.g. A-sign, along with B-sign and a flashing light)
  • Interface: RS485 serial interface
  • Electrical safety HD 638 S1: 2002 + A1: 2008/ HD 60364-4-443: 2006

Sample signs

Optical presentation
Colour: C2 (acc. to EN 12966)
Brightness: L3/ L3* (acc. to EN 12966)
Brightness ratio: R3 (acc. to EN 12966)
Uniformity: meets the requirements (acc. to EN 12966)
Visible flickering: meets the requirements (acc. to EN 12966)