Warning systems

KONTRAX can perform all activities necessary for the construction and maintenance of such systems.

  • Warning system design
  • Acoustic planning of coverage areas
  • Radio planning of coverage areas
  • Construction of system solutions through integration of external sirens, internal voice warning and radio systems, telephone and satellite communication systems, control center
  • Design, installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all components of the warning systems

Key features of the warning systems

  • A modular system
  • Variable warning message with DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Extremely high efficiency of db / A
  • Signal power control
  • Adapting to changes in battery voltage
  • Battery charging via a solar cell is possible
  • Protection against short circuit
  • Temperature control
  • “Soft test” siren system testing mode
  • Automatic testing system
  • Status indicator
  • Microprocessor control of system monitoring function
  • On-site diagnostics software
  • Two batteries
  • Amplifier output level of 300-600 W RMS
  • Seawater resistant coating

Control center

  • Flexible multi-monitor system allowing simultaneous monitoring of all data

Monitor 1 monitors triggering of signals, database management and software features.
Monitor 2 displays a map
Monitor 3 is set according to user requirements

  • Warning message of individual sirens or a group of sirens
  • Siren status scanning
  • Siren data modification
  • Radio system data change
  • Direct recording of a warning message
  • Map with zoom feature and drag mode
  • Request for the status of all sirens
  • Automatic storage of the status of all incoming information
  • Different user profiles allowing to define the individual user’s rights in the system
  • Quick signal triggering in case of disaster
  • Free recording of a warning message to inform people, regardless of the situation
  • Selection from preset warning groups for speeding up the process
  • Capability for formation of a dynamic group to respond to unforeseen emergencies
  • Automatic request for the status of all devices to react quickly in case of errors