What we need to know before moving the work places into a virtual environment

from 18/05/2020

Today, more than ever, the businesses need to be flexible, adaptive, and creative in order to meet the challenges of the new reality – home office and decreasing markets.

The digital transformation is no longer a concept to use for designing the future, it is here now. For the businesses to survive in this constantly changing situation, economic and social, they need to have a vision and tools for fast adaptation.


The virtualization of work places allows the company employees to work from any device, even personal one, from any place and at any time. This technology provides a controlled and secure access to all corporate and specific applications, without compromises in user’s experience. Data is protected in the data center or in the cloud, and all updates of the applications and operating systems are done in a centralized way.

This solution helps the businesses to be flexible in implementing new applications, in case of change of employees’ number, with no compromise in data security.


The implementation of this technology does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. Dell Technologies, one of the world leaders, offers us a solution with ready architecture, preliminary sized, but also with an option for corrections according to the specific company needs. It is based on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) VxRAIL with support of the leading software for desktop virtualization - VMware.

VxRAIL is the only one fully integrated, re-configured and preliminary tested VMware hyperconverged system. It includes a ready set of software tools and intuitive and comfortable installation in few steps. It is a suitable solution for small and medium businesses, but also for bigger organizations as it is easily scalable – you can start with only several nodes but scale to dozens. Provides a flexible use of computing and storage resources, with no need of big investments for expensive specialized arrays. The control software covers the entire infrastructure and each system component is managed from one place. This results in saving time and efforts for the IT administrators and thus saving time for the employees and saving funds for the company.


The close integration between software and hardware elements, the high quality of technologies used and the possibility for united management of the whole system, make VxRAIL the best choice for work places digital transformation.

The reliable backup and data restoration of this system are also important. Dell Technologies offers all-in-one solution – combination of software and hardware designed especially for VMware solutions. The so called Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) provides powerful protection for company data, with no need of specialized knowledge on installation and support. IDPA is offered in series, both for small and medium businesses, and bigger organizations. And again, you can start with only 8TB usable space and reach up to hundreds PB, for complete backup, replication, restoration, deduplication, instant access to data, search and data analytics, and of course, close integration with VMware. This solution may be used also for the so-called disaster recovery for failures as part of the infrastructure of backup datacenter.

KONTRAX is a leading system integrator in Bulgaria. It has a wide portfolio of technologies and high expertise in implementation of complex solutions for the businesses. KONTRAX is one of the main partners of DellTechnologies, with competences in datacenter technologies and products, including hyperconverged infrastructure, solutions for data protection, and virtualization software and cloud systems.