DSK Bank


DSK Bank is one of the leading banks in Bulgaria. Its services include deposits, savings, pensions and asset management. They are provided in more than 362 offices nationwide, employing more than 4,000 employees and 3,000 printers. Print volumes exceed 9 million pages per year, as the CBO / Credit Center office in Sofia generates most of this volume.

Business needs

The bank’s printers across the country were obsolete, had a high coefficient of proneness to faults which led to long periods of suspension of work and additional costs. In the CBO / Credit Center office, large printers with two trays were used by four employees which led to mixing of documents, confidentiality was compromised and access to documents containing important information was not limited. DSK Bank was willing to improve its document management system without investing in new hardware. Its aim was to improve significantly the level of service maintenance, the print quality control and to increase the reliability of the used printing equipment.


  • A detailed on-site assessment was carried out of the existing office environment and all business processes in the bank
  • Re-design of the document flow management system based on the results of the assessment and the specific business needs of DSK Bank
  • Rental and full service maintenance contract that provides the client with new devices, as well as consumables and maintenance services for DSK Bank’s equipment
  • Replacement of old printers with more than 2,200 new KYOCERA ECOSYS printers and multifunction devices equipped with components and consumables with long life, providing seamless printing of large volumes.
  • Installation of MyQ terminals to the printers FS-9530DN in order to provide control of access to document and monitoring of volumes and printing costs.


  • Printing costs of DSK Bank decreased by 26%
  • Document security was guaranteed thanks to the deployed MyQ system for card identification of the user who prints the document via specialized terminals on each printer
  • Increased efficiency by reducing the time needed to find and collect printed documents
  • Increased transparency thanks to better management, analysis and accountability of documents
Alpha Bank
Alpha Bank

Provision and maintenance of multifunction printers and maintenance of printing equipment


Provision of the “Print & Scan” service in the branch network of DSK Bank and the head office