EKO Bulgaria

The Project

KONTRAX Jsc are selected amongst five other suppliers under a public procurement carried out, to be the contractor of an agreement for servicing the print media for the branch network of EKO Bulgaria.

As of the date of this agreement signing there 93 sites on the territory of the country, as part of them are out of towns and villages; there is an option for adjusting the number of sites in case of necessity.


The Solution

The solution proposed for fulfilling the project includes Kyocera A4 monochrome multifunctional devices with print speed of 40 pages per minute, as well as services performed by KONTRAX for the delivery, installation, including a training for the employees of EKO Bulgaria for the devices operation, as well as subsequent supply of consumables and complete service support of the print media for a period of 3 years, with estimated print volume over 6 000 000 copies.

The service provision includes hardware support, repairs, preventive maintenance, supply of consumables and spare parts. The management of the support activities includes proactive activities for ensuring the continuity of the print and scan service in the sites of EKO Bulgaria. The planning of supplies for consumables and spare parts is carried out on the basis of device monitoring system.


The Benefits

Delivery of new generation devices with high productivity and print and scan quality. The Kyocera technology reduces several times the volume of wastes generated. Due to the reduced response time and shorter terms for troubleshooting the devices downtime due to failures is minimized. The print monitoring and control system saves print expenses. The integrated management and service system reduces the downtime and the non-availability of the print and scan service.


Sitel Bulgaria
Sitel Bulgaria

Construction of low current and high current installations in Sitel, Varna city

State Enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA)
State Enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA)

Delivery of active network equipment for network architecture replacement and reorganization