State Enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA)


Delivery of active network equipment for network architecture replacement and reorganization for the needs of BULATSA


State Enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority


Delivery and installation of network equipment for the purpose of replacement of obsolete equipment. The following were delivered and installed: 2 Cisco Nexus 7004core switches, 4 aggregation switches – Cisco Nexus 2248 and Cisco Catalyst 3850-48T-E, 19 24-port and 15 48-port stackable switches – Cisco Catalyst 3850 series.

The installed equipment entirely replaced BULATSA’s obsolete network equipment.



The new network equipment provides a speed of 1 Gbps to work stations and the connections between switches are with a speed of 10 Gbps. Core switches are fully backed-up and ensure continuity of the network’s operation as a whole in case of failure in any component thereof. Each of the stackable switches has a separate connection to each of the two core switches. This ensures connectivity of users in case of failure of any of these physical connections.

BTV Media Group
BTV Media Group

Performance of a comprehensive IT audit of the current state of the IT infrastructure

Sitel Bulgaria
Sitel Bulgaria

Construction of low current and high current installations in Sitel, Varna city