NEC Computers launches a new fault tolerant server intended for companies which wish to benefit from complete availability of their operations

от 24/10/2006

Reliable, powerful and flexible, the NEC Express5800/320Fa server also offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

Focus on the strong points of the NEC Express5800/320Fa:
• High availability: logical module systems
(CPU memory E/S) and completely redundant
hot swap hard disk drives.
• Fault Detection: NEC GeminiEngineTM chipset, and ExpressScope visualisation system.
• Power and Performance : the power of the latest Xeon® processors, DDR2-400 2- way memory for even faster access, Continuous Processing®
• Simplified Maintenance thanks to its modular design, standard components, preloaded Windows 2003 OS, remote access card. No administrative experience or skills are required.

The NEC Express5800/320Fa
server ensures an unprecedented
availability and exceptional
system performances.
NEC guarantees maximum availability thanks to a newe NEC Express5800/320Fa

1. High Availability and Fault Tolerant
The NEC Express5800/320Fa server is directed particularly at companies using critical applications in the production field, transport with regular commercial practice, or emergency service support applications. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the NEC Express5800/320Fa server has an availability ratio of 99,999% (on average less than 5 minutes of unplanned interruption per year), thus avoiding any interruption of the company network in the event of incident.
The high availability of the NEC server is also guaranteed thanks to software improvements and new maintenance functions: installation of secure command modules, and advanced
remote monitoring.
This new fault tolerant server features a dual modular redundant CPU / I/O architecture and on hard disk drives which are also doubled and mirrored, all in a single 4U Rack chassis. Thanks to its new chipset, developed by NEC, it automatically manages its redundant components by the simultaneous execution of all the treatments (lockstep mode) thus reducing the points of failure and ensuring the entirety of data.

2. Power and performance
Very powerful, the Fault Tolerant NEC
Express5800/320Fa Servers are based on an SMP Intel® Xeon™ dual processor design at 3,20 GHz (model L) or 3.80GHz (Model M) with 2MB of Level 2 Cache.
It has DDR2-400 ECC memory (2-way interleaved, expandable up to 12GB) for faster access.
This new NEC server holds up to 3 SCSI Ultra 320 Hot Plug (900GB) disk drives. So as to prevent any disruption to running applications, the replacement of a defective module can be easily carried out “hot”.
It is intended for the environments of exploitation Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

3. Comfort, simplified maintenance and flexibility
The NEC Express5800/320Fa-MR model uses a water cooling mechanism to absorb the
thermal dissipation of the processors. This mechanism, as well as a noise absorption device, helps to reduce the noise level inside the frame, which makes it possible to house more systems in the same place. NEC Computers proposes the Express5800/320Fa server at an attractive price thanks to the use of server technology currently on the market, and standard components. Those also make it possible to simplify the maintenance of the server without
requiring particular technical skill for its administration. The server also has a remote maintenance card (standard on the model M) allowing complete remote control. Moreover, the Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition OS is preloaded for more flexibility.

The principal forces of NEC Computers lie in its great flexibility and its reactivity. The whole
NEC Express5800 server range is designed, developed and manufactured on the NEC technological and industrial site in Angers. Companies thus have the possibility of choosing their hardware and software configuration by request (CTO). The most particular requests
are treated by the service MADE (Factory Integration Services) which personalizes each hardware and software configuration according to customer request, to deliver a turn-key solution. Thus, the last technological developments can be integrated very quickly.

SMP Intel® Xeon™ Dual Processor
2 Intel® Xeon™ 3.8 GHz processors
2MB of Level 2 Cache, FSB 800 MHz
DDR2-400 ECC memory, 2-way interleaved, max 126GB Integrated controllers : 2x Ultra320, 1x ATA150
Ultra320 SCSI Hot Plug Disks: 73GB,146GB or 300GB
Maximum capacity: 3 disks = 900 GB
Integrated Ethernet Controllers: 2x 1000
3 PCI-X slots: 3x 64/100 (All free)
PSU : 2x700 W
6 fans
4U Rack Mount Chassis
ExpressBuilder Installation and Configuration Software
ESMPRO Management Suite
3 Year on site D+1 Warranty
As a subsidiary of NEC Corp Japan, NEC Computers is present on the professional market with the NEC brand.

NEC Computers designs, makes, markets and supports PCs, notebooks, servers, storage solutions, as
well as turn key offers for SMEs and the public sector. The technological site in Angers takes care of
all design, assembly, marketing, support and system integration activities
NEC Computers is present in the European, Middle Eastern, African and Latin American markets.