NEC Computers reduces the TCO of companies with integrated Intel® vPro™ technology on its two new products

от 21/09/2007

NEC Computers launches two new products: a desktop PC, the PowerMATE ML470 and a laptop PC named NEC VERSA M370. Apart from their performance, these two products share the use of IAMT technology (Intel Active Management Technology) to facilitate management of corporate computer systems.
The latest administration technology for today’s professional community

The NEC PowerMate ML470 integrates Intel® vPro™ technology via its Intel® Q35 chipset and the
NEC VERSA M370 makes use of an Intel® Centrino® Pro platform also equipped with
management functions.
For companies, Intel® vPro™ technology ensures easy management of the entire computer
deployment and provides optimal network security. This means:
Time-saving for the network administrator
- remote management of work stations or laptop PC’s whether they are turned on or off: repair
and taking control, cold inventories…
- access, with an additional software application like LANDesk, to connected computers on the
network at a specified time to carry out remote distribution of updates (security patches or
virus definitions for example).
- the possibility to boot powered off machines or to isolate a PC from the network while it is
infected by a virus (separating the user session during which time the machine maintains a
communication channel with the network – a protected channel only allowing remote reboots
or patch installation and other necessary security updates).
Drop in costs for retailers
For our retail partners, vPro technology is also interesting as the remote management will allow
them to lower their maintenance costs, by reducing the number of necessary off-site visits to
repair a broken PC by 90%. Moreover, they will have the possibility to multiply their offer of
complementary services for companies thanks to the new possibilities for monitoring their
client’s computers.
NEC Computers S.A.S. - Immeuble Optima – 10, rue Godefroy – 92821 Puteaux Cedex – France 2/3
Two new powerful and reliable client stations
Integrating remote management functions and improved security, the NEC PowerMate ML470
desktop PC and the NEC VERSA M370 laptop PC will also attract professionals (large corporate
clients, small and medium-sized businesses) with their respective advantages.
The NEC VERSA M370 is ideal for using at the office or while travelling. It offers users the
possibility to work at ease - comfort and mobility are evident in this highly attractive laptop!
The +’s of this new laptop:
- its practical side: Integrated (optional) 1.3 mega-pixel webcam;
web conferencing has never been so easy!
- its performance: It is based on the Intel® Centrino® Pro platform
with an Intel®CoreTM2 Duo processor for heightened performance.
The Intel® 965GM chipset guarantees efficient multi-tasking
operation and provides a significant increase to its productivity.
- its unlimited mobility: Wireless 802.11n card offers a higher
operating range and better connection quality thanks to the use of
numerous antennas.
- its comfortable use: equipped with a 15.4’’ WXGA wide screen, it has an integrated numeric
keypad that accountants, data entry operators and travelling sales-reps who are always dealing
with figures will love!
- its battery life: up to 6 hours* using an extended battery (9 cells). The user can also reduce
their PC’s power consumption by using economy mode while working by pressing the NEC ECO
*results provided by the Business Winstone Batery Mark 2004 benchmark.
- its extended connectivity thanks to the dedicated port replicator – version 3 now including
DVI support.
Top of the range desktop PC, the NEC PowerMate ML470 uses a stable platform for an easy
and stress-free deployment
The +’s of this new desktop PC:
- its design: 3 chassis to choose from (Small Desktop, MicroTower, Small
Form Factor) – despite their differing appearance they share the same
motherboard providing an identical disk image.
- its flexibility: thanks to NEC Computer’s technological plant in Angers
(France); companies can choose their material and software configuration
according to their own needs (CTO). The most demanding requests are
handled by FIS (Factory Integration Services) which allows for personalised
hardware and software configurations in accordance to the client’s
- its discretion: at less than 21dB, it is nearly inaudible thanks to the use of a BTX format
motherboard which optimises the air-flows within the chassis.
NEC Computers S.A.S. - Immeuble Optima – 10, rue Godefroy – 92821 Puteaux Cedex – France 3/3
- its performance: it uses an Intel Q35 chipset which is ready for the future Core 2 Quad
processors. It has an integrated RAID 0/1 controller to ensure maximum security (RAID 1) and to
increase the PC’s performance (RAID 0).
“Intel is pleased that NEC is a major participating OEM partner in the worldwide roll-out of
the new Intel® vPro™ processor technology,"
said Christian Morales, Vice President of Intel
“This technology, inside NEC’s Powermate ML470, will allow customers to reduce IT
support and maintenance costs, while helping increase the security of their networks.”