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NEC today announces the addition of a new model to the Fault Tolerant range in the NEC Express5800 family, the NEC Express5800/320Lb-R.

NEC Express5800/320Lb-R, the cost effective Fault Tolerant server
The NEC Express5800/320Lb-R combines cost-effective Fault Tolerant processing with performance, scalability, expandability and manageability. The system ensures continuous processing with redundant CPU and I/O subsystems. Using industry standard components and operating systems the NEC Express5800/320Lb-R delivers Fault Tolerance at an unprecedented low cost.

Innovative approach to high availability
The NEC Express5800/320Lb-R is an innovating response to customer’s need of increased system availability of industry standard volume server platforms to support business critical applications. In addition to the use of industry standard components and operating systems the NEC Express5800/320Lb-R delivers high availability through a combination of software enhancements and innovative service, such as “hardened” device drivers and advanced remote monitoring capabilities.

Modularity for easy maintenance
The Dual Modular Redundant (DMR) design of the NEC Express5800/320Lb-R allows easy replacement of all essential server subsystems without shutting the system down. In the case of a hardware failure the subsystem modules, referred to as Customer Replaceable Units, can be configured, diagnosed and hot-swapped in an easy way, without the assistance of specialized support personnel. Indicator lights provide alerts on the status of each subsystem and confirm successful replacement of hardware components.

Room for growth with scalability and expandability
With dual Intel® Xeon™ processors, internal storage capacity of 218GB and support of external storage solutions, PCI slots and network connectivity the NEC Express5800/320Lb-R delivers ample performance for the most active workgroup and departmental environments, with comfortable room for future growth.

Product availability
The NEC Express5800/320Lb-R is available now through the NEC website ( and through Value Added Resellers throughout EMEA.

About NEC Express5800 servers
NEC Express5800 family of Intel-based servers offers the most comprehensive range of server computing solutions providing reliable, scalable, manageable systems for customers ranging from small businesses to corporate data centers. With its Express5800 servers NEC focuses on system availability, offering a wide range of solutions which include unique Intel-based Fault Tolerant servers.

About NEC
NEC Computers International (NEC CI) manufactures and supports all NEC PCs, Servers and Storage within EMEA. NEC CI also serves the consumer market with Packard Bell, one of Europe’s home PC leaders. NEC CI owns two R&D centers (France and Malaysia) and three factories (France, Scotland and Malaysia).

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